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A word on privacy and our apps

07 Jun 2012
Posted by Rod Gammon

Today the Wall Street Journal reported that New Jersey, our home state, is suing an educational games publisher for collecting personally identifiable information about their customers. Presumably those customers are kids, making a bad situation worse. Limitless Horizons does not collect personally identifiable information, although it does collect analytics. Here is our plainest explanation of what you can expect for your child's safety with our products.

"Personally identifiable" information means data that can be used to go from usage of an app back to you as an individual directly. For example, the company being sued by NJ collected the customer's iPhone serial number, their telephone number, and their GPS coordinates. Limitless Horizons, LLC's products do not do this.

If we were to add any collection like this, we absolutely promise three things:
1. It would not occur without an obvious opt-in your part.
2. Information would only used to make the apps work in particular way.
3. We would not sell such data to third parties.

At this time, we have no plans to do this anyway, but you should know: We make apps, we're not in the business of spying.

That said, we do collect "analytics". Analytics are non-personally identifiable information that only relate to the app itself, and we collect this usage data so we can make our products better. For example, we have found that people review their scores a lot: So we collect your scores and use them to build better score charts. There is no way for this information to identify you, and it is used as part of the app, *not* to sell to marketers or other third parties.

Things we do track:
* When the app starts.
* When an app section is entered. For example, a new game or score review.
* Scores so that we can create leaderboards.

That's it, and that's all.

Of course, we'd love to hear from you. But let's get in touch the old fashioned way, send us a note through the contact form. Thanks!

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