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Project Manager's Stopwatch v2.0

10 Sep 2011
Posted by Rod Gammon

User's guide

Step 1: Collect Activities

The app is about keeping track of how you spend your time: Who was it done for, what was the project, what was done, when, and for how long. The first step is to simply take out your phone, start the app (tap 1) and then press the add button (tap 2).

The add activity button appears in the upper-right corner when on one of these two tabs.

The add activity screen

Use this screen to add a new activity record:
  1. Client: Who the work was for.
  2. Project: What the work was for.
  3. Task: What the work was.
  4. Date: When the work happened. Only 1 day per task.
  5. Duration: The time in minutes.
  6. An activity record is represents the amount of time you've spent on one task during one day. therefore it is intended to not have a longer duration than a day.
  7. Tapping one of the these rows lets you select from a list of prior-entered values.
  8. Tap the blue button to add using clock times. You are restricted to Midnight AM to 11:59PM.

Step 2: Review Activity records

There are two ways to review activity records, by client and by date.

Using the activity list:

  1. Activities are aggregated client they were for. The section headers tell you the number of projects and the total amount of time logged for that client.
  2. Tap a section head to open/collapse it. When open, you can see the total time for a given project.
  3. Tap a project summary to see tasks for that project by day.

Click to zoom
Using the activity list:
  1. Activities are sorted by the day they occurred and by the name of their activity. These section headers tell you the day and the total amount of time logged for that day.
  2. Tap an activity to go to an edit screen for it. You can change all information on an activity.
  3. Swipe an activity to bring up a delete button. Tap the delete button to erase it.

Step 3: Export activity records

This is the export tab. Tapping it allows you to email activity reports. This is the settings tab. Tapping it allows you to choose whether to clear prior data lists and/or the activity list. This is the information tab. Tapping it gives you information about the app version you are using, and links to Limitless Horizons, LLC web pages.

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